Pine Lake Family Camping Trip – part 4

This is the last installment in our Pine Lake Family Camping Trip album. The series of images, designed like pages in a pre-teen’s photo album, were created to illustrate the components of the -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip set.

The set is loosely based on my real life camping experiences in wilderness camping areas in eastern Ontario, a beautiful part of Canada. Our tent was generally high tech, very light and we did not sleep on cots. But our gear, even when canoe camping, always included a guitar.

When I was first invited to be one of the vendors in CHIC Management’s Back to Black event, and found out my assigned theme was Family, I immediately thought of doing something camping related. That is because most of my happy family memories center around camping.

For those of you who have never been on a backwoods camping trip, you just don’t know what you are missing! There is something really special about finding an uninhabited spot of shoreline and making it your home for the weekend. Now that I live in Germany, I miss Canada’s nature very much, and I hope that those of you who have yet to visit Canada will spend at least a small part of your trip exploring nature.

So, onto the album …

Naptime (click image to enlarge)

In the above photo, our two girls are having a rest inside their tent. Each bunk has 2 animations, and props are automatically rezzed when you sit/lie down.

The cooler also has 2 animations, as well as dispensing cans of pop when clicked. The wearable pop includes a cool ‘open can then drink’ animation, complete with sound and texture change from closed to open can top. Sculpted cans and melting ice cubes add realism and dimension to the cooler.

The barbeque table has a cooking and tidying up animation, and gives a spatula and tea towel prop, depending on which animation you are using.

(click image to enlarge)

Thank you for reading about our latest release, the -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip. We hope you enjoyed seeing the album – it was a fun way to demonstrate all the cool features and animations in the set, and included a bunch of our SL family in the project.

Tomorrow’s blog post will give you details about the product itself and tell you a bit more about the Back to Black event.

2 thoughts on “Pine Lake Family Camping Trip – part 4

  1. Fritzfranz Fride

    What a nice story !
    If i ever explore the canadian forests/mountains i will definetly do it by camping.
    Sadly here in germany this sort of camping, “wild camping”, is not allowed. But i remember my early youth days as a boy scout, experience the nature and having fun in the woods. Even in the well orderd and regulated german way of doing things 😉

    Maybe a few days in the Black Forest, Bavarian Forest or in the Erz Mountains can mitigate your nostalgia. Or maybe not, if i see pictures from canadas nature: its unique !

    Greetings and Thanks for this enterprising way to describe your release

    1. Moriko Inshan Post author

      Thank you for the kind words Fritz – I really had fun taking the snaps and making them into an adboard album. I thought it would be a good way to illustrate everything the set does.

      Thank you as well, for the tips about where to spend some time – I have been to the Black Forest once, but most of our time is spent either in the Spessart (close to home), or in the Hartz, where we have our family house.

      I do hope you get to Canada sometime – camping is definitely a great way to see the country.

      Hugs, Moriko


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