Pine Lake Family Camping Trip – part 3

Still with the family camping theme …

This is the third installment of blog posts based around a camping trip, that took place in real life in 1990, and in Second Life just last week.

The images represent pages from the photo album of my Second Life niece Miu-chan, and feature furniture and accessories from the soon-to-be-released -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip product.

           – please click on photo to enlarge-

My niece Miu continues her narrative:
My mom is a really great cook – but she says she prefers our gas barbecue at home to standing over smoking charcoal. Boy, did we get in trouble for leaving the cooler open. Hana and me tried to blame it on racoons, but daddy did not believe us.
Later that afternoon, I got daddy to play my favourite Brownie camping songs while Hana and aunt Mori went get more wood for the fire.

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The pages in the album illustrate components of our brand new release, the -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip set, which will be available at a special promo price at the Back to Black event (in the Family section), starting on February 11th.

The set includes (but is not limited to) 8 interactive pieces of camping gear, many of which rez or give props to enhance the camping experience for the whole family.

For more views of the details of this product, please take a look previous blog posts.

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