Pine Lake Family Camping Trip – part 2

This is a second installment of blog posts based around a camping trip, that took place in real life in 1990, and in Second Life just last week.

The images represent pages from the photo album of my Second Life niece Miu-chan, and feature furniture and accessories from the soon-to-be-released -Hanaya- Pine Lake Family Camping Trip product.

Miu continues:

One of the great things is when we get to play games with my aunt Mori. Here she is sitting on the log pile, while my sister hides behind a tree. I hid in the tent and almost fell asleep!

I love camping so much, especially being able to go to sleep in our outside clothes. We even kept our shoes on\ö/
There were all sorts of noises and stuff, so daddy left our lantern on all night. When I woke up in the morning, my pillow was on the floor – again.

To be continued …

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