-Hanaya- Gift for the Millenium Hunt

My first creation of 2012, and a gift to all of you who participate in the FTLO Millenium Hunt, is based on my love of reading. And a New Year’s promise to myself to take more time out to read – even if it is my eBook and not old fashioned hard covers 🙂

 -Hanaya- Time to Read Hideaway

The -Hanaya- Time to Read Hideaway is an interactive piece of furniture that I hope you can find room for in your home or business. The bookcase, with it’s 3 drawers that open and close at your touch, and lots of shelves to hold volumes and volumes of books, was designed and created by me especially for this hunt.

The Hideaway’s six reading animations (yes! six!) let two people read independently of each other. One set of animations is in the blanket throw on the back of the sofa, and the other set is in the large cream pillow on the opposite end. Four of the animations are unisex, one is for female and one for male avatars. All animations are fully adjustable for you and all your visitors and will be remembered for their next visit. Don’t forget to click on the books (anywhere in the bookcase) to get a book to hold and read.

I included a working clock in the set for several reasons.

First, because I hope that all of us can take more time out to read. Second, because I find the sound of a clock gently gonging every hour-on-the-hour to be soothing – I think it reminds me of my parents library at home when I was growing up.

By the way, the clock is adjustable – just enter your GMT-x information for your time zone (the default time-zone is SLT or California time). And of course, I also included some greenery, after all -Hanaya- is a flower shop:-)

So my yummies, please come and hunt and get your own copy of this gift!

H U N T  I N F O R M A T I O N

The Millenium Hunt starts today, January 5, 2012 and runs until January 29th.
And there is a cool different thing about this hunt – instead of searching for a hunt object, you look for an item in each store that is set for sale for 1 Linden. The hunt item is hidden inside it – and don’t worry, every store participating in the Millenium Hunt only has one thing for sale for 1 L in their entire store.

So there is no clue – just shop like you usually do and look for bargains ^.^
When you have found a bargain costing 1 Linden, you have found the hunt item – how cool is that?

The start location for the hunt is here and our in-world store is number 51 out of about 75 participating merchants.
Our hunt hint is:

‘Books can be the paintbrush that paints an image on the CANVAS of your mind.’

Have lots and lots of fun!

Photo/Ad Credits
models: Lance Corrimal + Moriko Inshan
photographer/PS artist: Moriko Inshan

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