Z … z.z .. zzz

I don’t have much to say today – feeling lazy, slightly lethargic, and still stuffed from 4 days of overindulging on food, drink and Christmas treats.

Although some of my fellow merchants seem to have been busy sending out mucho notices about SALES! DISCOUNTS! in the last few days, personally I do not believe in spamming my groups at this time of year with advertizing. Especially not on December 25th – so come on you guys, take a chill pill!

As a matter of fact, I have not visited my store for a few days and it is a kind of nice vacation feeling. Kind of like when you work from home, but you keep the door to your home office padlocked shut, and throw away the key for awhile.

But today, when I logged in to buy a New Year’s prezzie for a favoured SLer of mine, I was pleasantly surprised by a late Christmas gift from one of my favourite full-perm animations merchants – webmistrex Xue of Dyer Maker Animations and Poses. It captured my mood of the moment perfectly – see for yourself 🙂

 Dyer Maker ‘After Christmas Armchair’

Oh and yeah, that is me in the chair. Going back to bed now, with my ebook tucked on the pillow beside me. Z … z.z .. zzz ………

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