New wintery products from -Hanaya-

I love winter!

As a Canadian from the frosty cold Ottawa Valley, I love winter weather, snow and wintery outdoorsy things to do. When winter can sometimes last as long as 6 months, you learn to love it – or hibernate inside.

I love the sound of my footsteps crunching in really really cold packed snow.
I love leaky eavestroughs when they allow the formation of icicles.
I love the quietness of the forest on a dewy snowy morning.
I love chickadees eating sunflower seeds from my mittened hands.
I love skating on the Rideau Canal, the longest outdoor skating rink in the world.

And I love big giant snowflakes falling on Christmas morning, creating a winter wonderland.

So, I made some new wintery things – and a Christmas thing too.

-Hanaya- Tundra Grass + Driftwood Window Box (Large)

In my real life, I decorate my window boxes for each of the 4 seasons – so of course in Second Life I do as well. These window boxes are super low prim and detailed. The sculpt map for the box itself is fashioned after a window box that I made in Real Life.

-Hanaya- Tundra Grass + Driftwood Window Box (Small)

A smaller version of the window box – only 5 prims, so you can put one at each of your windows.

-Hanaya- Polar Ice Tulips

Tulips frozen in time, with drippy icicles and a European Robin perched on the container. And yes, I know that robins migrate south for the winter, but this one forgot ^.^

 -Hanaya- Pine Wreath with Candle

I wanted a wreath to decorate all my windows, so it needed to be low prim. Besides that, I like simple. I think that 4 prims works – and if you use a viewer with shadows enabled, then remove the shadow prim, reducing the prim count to 3. How great is that?

All of the above products are available for purchase at our in-world store, both in copy/modify and transfer/modify permissions, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

The December Christmas group gift is still available in the store in the Customer Service area, and will remain there until the end of the month. So if you still need a Christmas tree – come and get yours 🙂

Have a wonderful safe week, enjoy the holiday season and look for our special Christmas gift coming sometime in the next few days.




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