Christmas Gift Shopping @ -Hanaya-

As promised, a number of our in-world store products that are suitable for gift-giving are now available in transfer version for your shopping convenience. Each gift version comes with a cute Christmas Gift Box, so you can package up your gift, include any additional items or notes, and then give it to your friend or loved one in person 🙂

And if you are looking for a gift for the hard to buy for person, check out the roof-top and garden Art Gallery – all art is sold in no copy/transfer format.

Detailed instructions for the inner newbie in all of us:

To purchase a transfer version of one of our products at our in-world store, look for the red and white gift box icon, then follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the gift box icon above the product vendor you wish to purchase.
  2. Choose ‘Buy’, and you will see the contents of the gift vendor, then pay to conclude the purchase. Your purchase will be a top-level folder in your inventory, named same as the product.
  3. At home or at a place where you can rez, drag the -Hanaya- Christmas Gift Box from the folder. The box is mod/transfer.
  4. Edit the gift box, go to the Contents tab, then drag the gift you purchased into the Contents tab. Add anything else you wish that is transfer.
  5. Take the box back into your inventory.  At Christmas, give the box to a friend or loved one and have a wonderful Merry Christmas!

If there is a product that you wish to give as gift, which is not currently available in Gift Version mode, please contact me in-world. However, please note that items that are packaged in an auto-rezzer box (like our St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo), are not suitable for giving in no copy/transfer mode.

As always, all our products are also available for gift giving on the Second Life Marketplace.

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