Tweet Birds at Christmas

I moved some stuff around my in-world store and had a blank wall space right by the front door. It was calling out for something nice …

-Hanaya- Tweet Birds at Christmas

The curlicue branches of the driftwood branch are dotted here and there with leaves, which are still green. Two European Robins perch and engage in conversation. Yeah, I know – robins migrate south since they don’t like snow, but I took some poetic license with this piece. A present weighs the branch down, bobbing on a carefully tied string.  The piece includes a shadow backdrop, which also assists in flat alignment when mounting on a wall.

For sale now at our in-world store, and coming soon to the Second Life Marketplace.

Please note that starting on December 1st, a selection of our products will also be available with transfer permissions at our in-world store, and will be packaged up in seasonal gift wrap. This product will be one of them.

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