New release for Candy Cane 3 Hunt

Today is the start of the 3rd annual grid-wide Candy Cane Hunt, and -Hanaya- is participating. Being a Canadian and used to being outdoors a lot in winter, I love winter picnics.

Our gift for our customers, both old and new, is an outdoorsy wintery garden set created especially for this hunt; the -Hanaya- Snowy Picnic in the Woods.

Three majestic frosty pine trees are set in a frozen tundra grass base. A squirrel sits on a string of candle-lit lanterns as they flicker their warm light over an inviting scene below. The rough cut table and benches include 6 couple cuddle animations so you can keep each other cozy and warm. Click the coffee pot for a steaming mug of coffee and take little sips to warm up your insides.

When you get hungry, the custom made -Hanaya- Wicker Picnic Basket has a load of goodies for you. Click on the basket to open it to see all the goodies inside. Yumm!

-Hanaya- Snowy Picnic in the Woods (Hunt Edition)

The hunt runs from November 21 to December 25, 2011.
-Hanaya- is store number 224 and our hunt hint is:

‘A cup of hot chocolate by the fire is nice on a snowy wintery day.’

So pop by our in-world store, hunt for the gift and enjoy the seasonal decor. And most importantly, have fun on the hunt!

EDITED 9 January 2012:
The Candy Cane 3 Hunt is now over. Thanks to all of you who took part. A mod/copy version of the Snowy Picnic in the Woods is now available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace and in our in-world store.

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