NEW: -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo

On a visit home to Canada a few months ago, my better half and I did some exploring and sightseeing – of nature, what else? One fine day, we took a leisurely drive along the Thousand Islands Parkway. The route winds its way along the very edge of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and affords fabulous views of the many islands, forests and nature. One such view was a wonderfully rocky little island, on which perched a gazebo with a huge fireplace and a boathouse. I did not have a camera handy, but the image of it stayed in my mind.

I know there are zillions of gazebos in Second Life, but I hope that you like my version of what a gazebo looks like.

-Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo

A red squirrel sits on the peak of the gazebo’s sculpted clay tile roof, drifts of leaves litter the stone floor, and clumps of sculpted grass struggle up through the cracks.

Hanging from the rafters is a candle-lit wagon wheel chandelier, a fire with sculpted flames crackles merrily and sends smoke up the chimney. More leaves and acorns decorate the mantel and a string of maple leaf lanterns glows gently, welcoming visitors.

-Hanaya- Thousand Islands Dining Set

The matching dining set consists of a re-make of our popular Autumn Couples Garden Bench, upright chairs, table and most importantly food and wine. Sit and chat at the table decorated with a cheese tray, and sip on a glass of wine. When you are ready to eat, clickable place settings rez a yummy meal, your wine glass is filled and cutlery is dispensed. A bouquet of marigolds decorates the table. The set includes 10 menu-driven PG animations for hanging out and eating.

-Hanaya- Thousand Islands Recliner Set

Crafted to match the gazebo and dining set, the recliner chairs – one for him and one for her – invite you to sit and relax. The set includes 8 adjustable menu-driven PG animations.

The gazebo, dining and recliner sets are also available packaged together in the furnished model at a 25% savings (see image below).

 -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Furnished)

The furnished version of the -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo includes all pieces of the dining and recliner sets pictured above. A demo of the gazebo and furnishings is set up at our in-world store, and is available for purchase. All items will also be available on the Second Life Marketplace in a few days.


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