-Hanaya- Nov 2011 Group + Subscribo Gifts

Now that we are over the orange-scary-evilness of Halloween, it seemed to me that we need something soothing and calm (at least I do). Both in colour as well as in form. So I grabbed my Wacom tablet and got busy in Photoshop.

The result is a piece titled ‘Forgotten Language’, inspired by a poem by Shel Silverstein. Mounted on a 3-d canvas frame, complete with yummy sculpted back detailing, I hope you find a place for it in your home or business *.

Also included is a simple low-prim marigold in a vase to brighten up your November days. And in case you need something to display the goodies on, an artist’s easel and a little table is part of the package.

-Hanaya- November 2011 Group and Subscribo Gift

The gift was sent out on our in-world group and subscribo today. If you missed yours, it will remain available for the rest of the month in the Customer Information area of our in-world store.

This month marks the first anniversary of -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery – we opened our doors on November 8, 2010. Please allow me to get gushy and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement. And most of all, a huge bear hug, kisses and endless love to Yuukie, my partner, lover and best friend, for invaluable help and ideas, and for putting up with me being busy with the store over the last 12 months.

Love you guys!

* Please note that the piece is no mod – if you really love it, but need a bigger or smaller size, please IM me in-world and I will re-size it for you.

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