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POE Hunt Gift: In the Land of the Winter Moon

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is participating in the 4th annual Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt, which starts in just a few short hours. Our hunt gift is the -Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon playset (image below), created especially for this hunt.

The set includes a custom-made igloo built from snow in my own SL backyard, a cozy quilt with piles of cushy pillows and an ice bucket with drinkable wine.  The quilt and pillows have 6 PG animations for couples, which are synchronized to work in pairs.

Peek inside the igloo and click on the wine bucket, to be given a folder with wine glasses. Wear the wineglass for the ‘A Toast’ animation, or any other time you want to sip on some white wine.

For outside fun, wander outside and find the snow angel animation in the frozen tundra grass and and get a smile on your face from the happy tree. The scene is lit by a glowing golden moon.

-Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon (Hunt Edition)

Our store is number 79 in an amazing line-up of cool stores that are participating this year. The hint to help you find the hunt gift in our store is:

‘New things are ever so nice.’

So please stop by our in-world store, hunt and if you have time, check out some of the new Christmassy and winter items on display in the New Releases area 😉 You will be glad you did ^.^

Tweet Birds at Christmas

I moved some stuff around my in-world store and had a blank wall space right by the front door. It was calling out for something nice …

-Hanaya- Tweet Birds at Christmas

The curlicue branches of the driftwood branch are dotted here and there with leaves, which are still green. Two European Robins perch and engage in conversation. Yeah, I know – robins migrate south since they don’t like snow, but I took some poetic license with this piece. A present weighs the branch down, bobbing on a carefully tied string.  The piece includes a shadow backdrop, which also assists in flat alignment when mounting on a wall.

For sale now at our in-world store, and coming soon to the Second Life Marketplace.

Please note that starting on December 1st, a selection of our products will also be available with transfer permissions at our in-world store, and will be packaged up in seasonal gift wrap. This product will be one of them.

St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Winter)

Winter has arrived at the store and overnight, our gazebo has acquired a new white snowy hat. Currently on display the -Hanaya- inworld store, the winter version of the St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo is charmingly clad in caps of snow on the roof top. Snow drifts across the floor and icicles hang from the eavestroughs and timbers.

-Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Winter)

The winter version of the gazebo is now available for purchase at -Hanaya- inworld, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

The winter landscaping of the store grounds is almost complete as well, so we hope you stop by and enjoy the scenery.

-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

The Christmas shopping and gift giving season is almost upon us and -Hanaya- has a new release that may be the answer to some of the gifts you plan to purchase for friends and loved ones this year.

Our Christmas Gift Basket is stuffed full of goodies like breads, cheese, salami and melon. A bottle of red wine with silver goblets and some home-baked gingerbreads complete the meal. And since we are a flower shop, I also tucked in a poinsettia plant potted up in a terracotta container. And a paring knife to cut the cheese 😉

-Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket

What I like most about our new Christmas Gift Basket, is that the recipient does not have to rez it in-world if they do not have any prims. You simply wear it and the built-in ‘holding basket’ pose is activated. And you want to know the coolest part? When you rez or wear the basket, it is closed. Then you click it, and it opens and all the lovely goodies are revealed 🙂

Please note that the permissions on this item are transfer, modify, no copy (unlike our usual practice). This will enable you to purchase it and then transfer it to whomever you wish. If you would prefer a mod/copy/no transfer version, please contact me in-world.

The -Hanaya- Christmas Gift Basket is now available for purchase at our in-world store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace.

And speaking of gift giving, starting on December 1st, a selection of our products will be available with transfer permissions at our in-world store, and will be packaged up in seasonal gift wrap.

New release for Candy Cane 3 Hunt

Today is the start of the 3rd annual grid-wide Candy Cane Hunt, and -Hanaya- is participating. Being a Canadian and used to being outdoors a lot in winter, I love winter picnics.

Our gift for our customers, both old and new, is an outdoorsy wintery garden set created especially for this hunt; the -Hanaya- Snowy Picnic in the Woods.

Three majestic frosty pine trees are set in a frozen tundra grass base. A squirrel sits on a string of candle-lit lanterns as they flicker their warm light over an inviting scene below. The rough cut table and benches include 6 couple cuddle animations so you can keep each other cozy and warm. Click the coffee pot for a steaming mug of coffee and take little sips to warm up your insides.

When you get hungry, the custom made -Hanaya- Wicker Picnic Basket has a load of goodies for you. Click on the basket to open it to see all the goodies inside. Yumm!

-Hanaya- Snowy Picnic in the Woods (Hunt Edition)

The hunt runs from November 21 to December 25, 2011.
-Hanaya- is store number 224 and our hunt hint is:

‘A cup of hot chocolate by the fire is nice on a snowy wintery day.’

So pop by our in-world store, hunt for the gift and enjoy the seasonal decor. And most importantly, have fun on the hunt!

EDITED 9 January 2012:
The Candy Cane 3 Hunt is now over. Thanks to all of you who took part. A mod/copy version of the Snowy Picnic in the Woods is now available for purchase on the Second Life Marketplace and in our in-world store.

New Release: a snowy bark + driftwood deer

Today was the first morning that we had a hard frost in our garden, so I got inspired to start on a new collection of nature-y, woodsy stuff that has been rattling around in my head. I am a major nature nut, so I guess that kind of makes sense, right?

Called after one of my fave canoe-in camping lakes in Eastern Ontario, the Pine Lake Collection will consist of organic materials and shapes, and will include the kind of stuff that you see in cottage country or at a ski chalet in the Gatineau Hills. That’s in Canada for you non-Canadians ^.^

-Hanaya- Bark + Driftwood Deer (Snowy)

This charming little deer is crafted from sculpty bark-covered logs and pieces of bleached driftwood. It is mod/copy, so if you wish to remove the snow at a later date, you can do so.

Currently on display in the new releases area of our in-world store, it is available for purchase there, as well as the at our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

More pieces of the Pine Lake Collection are in the works, so please stay tuned 🙂


Fashion and stuff – Vintage Fair Preview

Ok, I hardly ever blog fashion, even though I am a major shopaholic. My thing is usually to buy to-die-for stuff, make an outfit and then wear it for a whole week at a time. It gets busy – you know?

But I could not resist having a fly around the 2 sims that make up the Vintage Fair, just to see what was around. And let me tell you .. there is absolute awesomeness.

I had to pick up a few things – just cause I could not help myself. And you won’t be able to either – trust me!

Image 1 (see below for shopping list with SLURL to shops at Vintage Fair)

First, I am totally and passionately in lovelust with the hair from the Alice Project – pictured in all three pics in this blog post. The hair is mesh (so you need a viewer that supports mesh), and it is to die for. It has a ton of colour and streak options and it falls so graciously on your shoulders and of course, moves with you when you move. Love love love!

The skin in the image above is Curio’s Vintage-Ritz Petal in dark. I could not resist slapping on my fave beauty mark, some lip gloss and eyeshadow. I love the pinky blush and overall skin tone on this.

A slinky little dress with an awesome back from Piddidle also caught my eye. Normally, I stay away from tight short dresses and skirts (unless they are mesh), but this little dress is yummy. In the close-up above, you can see the lovely Antiquarian Necklace, bracelet and earrings in Absinthe colour from Amorous. It is available in other gorgeous colours like Teal (earrings pictured below), as well as Chianti, Midnight and Caramel.

Image 2 (see below for shopping list with SLURL to shops at Vintage Fair)

Then there is the Mccullough Fur Jacket from Bliss. Yumm! No, it is not mesh, but it is scrumptiously furry, soft and wonderful. Other colours are also available and believe me, you will want them all. I know I do, I am so greedy.

Although I love the leggings that came with the Mccullough Fur Jacket, I adore the green nylon tights with back seams and vintage undies from d.Select. I need all the other colours too – back to the fair! The look is completed by Jodphurs boots from MdC, which is a new shop to me. I will be checking it out, they have some lovely riding outfits at the fair, and more boots that looked interesting.

In the pic below, you can see the back of the Piddidle Loveliest Lace Mini dress, along with a round poof with vintage poses from Di’s Opera. Also in the pic are some bits from the -Hanaya- TV Room Set – my own new release for the Vintage fair, and a wonderful (and low prim) gramophone from Scrub.  It comes with 6 records and plays awesome nostalgic music – I had it blaring the whole time I was doing this post.

Image 3

So please take some time to get over to the Vintage Fair and indulge your senses and enrich your closet ^.^ Please note that after November 18th you will be able to teleport directly to the slurls in the shopping list.

SHOPPING LIST with SLURLS to shops at Vintage Fair 2011
NOTE: Items in images that are in italics were purchased some time ago and may no longer be available.

Image 1

Hair: *Alice Project* Rosemary – Naturals Lite with Faux Bangs (MESH!)
Skin: :Curio: Vintage-Ritz Petal [Dark]
Dress: PIDIDDLE – Loveliest Lace Mini – Tarnished
Jewellery: :Amorous: Antiquarian Absinthe Necklace, Bracelet and Earrings
Nana’s Favourite Chair

Shoes: [LeLutka]-MISCHA/Thrown
Make-up, Lashes, Nails:
L.Fauna Beautymark – Crawford
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow
[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

Image 2

Hair:*Alice Project* Annette – Naturals Lite (MESH!)
!Bliss Fur! Mccullough Fur Jacket/Lace Shorts
d. Select green nylon tights
Boots: MdC~jodphurs boots~
Jewellery: :Amorous: Antiquarian Teal Necklace and Earrings
-Hanaya- New York Bus Stop Lamp Post & Bench (1L GIFT)

Skin: Al Vulo! – Vero* natural peach
Make-up, Lashes, Nails:
[mock] Mizu Venetian Red LipGloss
[mock]Blackest Night Shadow
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Lust

Image 3

Same outfit as in Image 1 PLUS
Scrub Gramophone
Di’s Opera Vintage Sit
-Hanaya- Vintage Chair + Pedestal Table with Ivy (from Nana’s TV Room Set)
-Hanaya- Wrought Iron Sculpted Chandelier

Enjoy the shopping!

-Hanaya- at Vintage Fair 2011

We are thrilled to be participating in Vintage Fair 2011. Inspired by old but gently used furniture in my Nana’s Prague flat, we bring you several mix-and-match products in our brand new Nana’s Vintage Furniture collection.

-Hanaya- Nana’s TV Room Set

Overstuffed comfy chairs upholstered in faded chintz with cushy pillows invite you to spend a few hours watching the boob tube. The rabbit ears don’t seem to work too well though, all we can get when we turn the set on is static! The obligatory slightly dusty house plant sits on a three-legged pedestal table, along with a vintage family photo in a wrought iron frame. And steaming hot coffee on a coaster. Nana does not like the shiny polished table to get marked up 😉  Please note the hand-carving and painted scroll work on the TV table and chairs – lots of nooks and crannies to dust.

-Hanaya- Nana’s Dining Room Set

I remember getting dragged to my Nana’s flat for a big lunch on Sundays. The table was always beautifully set, but the rubber turkey and overcooked veggies really needed to be accompanied by wine to make the meal palatable. Now you get to have it too!

Lovingly created, assembled and textured, Nana’s Dining Room Set consists of a gracious scalloped-top table with carved legs, and two styles of chairs (with and without arms), upholstered in a faded vintage fabric. The chairs include 3 animations each – 2 for eating with a knife and fork, and one to sit and chat. The table is topped with a lace table cloth, and set for a turkey + trimmings dinner with red wine.

When clicked, our custom-scripted dinner placemats give you and your guests cutlery and rez your food, as well as fill your wine glass. To eat, simply wear the cutlery.

The dining room set is completed by a gracious sculpted chandelier – and remember, it needs weekly dusting! Additional links are included, so you can hang the chandelier in any heigth room. A faded vintage rug defines the area and keeps your feet warm.

-Hanaya- Nana’s China Cabinet

An old-fashioned china cabinet like this one was my Nana’s pride and joy. Filled to overflowing with stuff just like the one we made for you. Fine bone china with hand-painted gold edging on the tea service, 2-tiered cake server and matching soup tureen with ladle can be used with Nana’s Dining Room Set (see above).  Vintage collector plates, silver goblets and a collection of old family photos in silver frames grace the bottom cabinet, which covered with a lace runner.

Nana’s Vintage Furniture Collection will be available for sale at the Vintage Fair 2011,  on Friday November 11th from 4 PM onwards. Look for us near the the south-east corner of the Classic sim – on Sophia Loren Street near the intersection with Jane Fonda Way.

Landmark to the venue will be inserted here once the fair is open to the public 🙂

NEW: -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo

On a visit home to Canada a few months ago, my better half and I did some exploring and sightseeing – of nature, what else? One fine day, we took a leisurely drive along the Thousand Islands Parkway. The route winds its way along the very edge of the St. Lawrence Seaway, and affords fabulous views of the many islands, forests and nature. One such view was a wonderfully rocky little island, on which perched a gazebo with a huge fireplace and a boathouse. I did not have a camera handy, but the image of it stayed in my mind.

I know there are zillions of gazebos in Second Life, but I hope that you like my version of what a gazebo looks like.

-Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo

A red squirrel sits on the peak of the gazebo’s sculpted clay tile roof, drifts of leaves litter the stone floor, and clumps of sculpted grass struggle up through the cracks.

Hanging from the rafters is a candle-lit wagon wheel chandelier, a fire with sculpted flames crackles merrily and sends smoke up the chimney. More leaves and acorns decorate the mantel and a string of maple leaf lanterns glows gently, welcoming visitors.

-Hanaya- Thousand Islands Dining Set

The matching dining set consists of a re-make of our popular Autumn Couples Garden Bench, upright chairs, table and most importantly food and wine. Sit and chat at the table decorated with a cheese tray, and sip on a glass of wine. When you are ready to eat, clickable place settings rez a yummy meal, your wine glass is filled and cutlery is dispensed. A bouquet of marigolds decorates the table. The set includes 10 menu-driven PG animations for hanging out and eating.

-Hanaya- Thousand Islands Recliner Set

Crafted to match the gazebo and dining set, the recliner chairs – one for him and one for her – invite you to sit and relax. The set includes 8 adjustable menu-driven PG animations.

The gazebo, dining and recliner sets are also available packaged together in the furnished model at a 25% savings (see image below).

 -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo (Furnished)

The furnished version of the -Hanaya- St. Lawrence Stone Gazebo includes all pieces of the dining and recliner sets pictured above. A demo of the gazebo and furnishings is set up at our in-world store, and is available for purchase. All items will also be available on the Second Life Marketplace in a few days.


-Hanaya- Nov 2011 Group + Subscribo Gifts

Now that we are over the orange-scary-evilness of Halloween, it seemed to me that we need something soothing and calm (at least I do). Both in colour as well as in form. So I grabbed my Wacom tablet and got busy in Photoshop.

The result is a piece titled ‘Forgotten Language’, inspired by a poem by Shel Silverstein. Mounted on a 3-d canvas frame, complete with yummy sculpted back detailing, I hope you find a place for it in your home or business *.

Also included is a simple low-prim marigold in a vase to brighten up your November days. And in case you need something to display the goodies on, an artist’s easel and a little table is part of the package.

-Hanaya- November 2011 Group and Subscribo Gift

The gift was sent out on our in-world group and subscribo today. If you missed yours, it will remain available for the rest of the month in the Customer Information area of our in-world store.

This month marks the first anniversary of -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery – we opened our doors on November 8, 2010. Please allow me to get gushy and thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement. And most of all, a huge bear hug, kisses and endless love to Yuukie, my partner, lover and best friend, for invaluable help and ideas, and for putting up with me being busy with the store over the last 12 months.

Love you guys!

* Please note that the piece is no mod – if you really love it, but need a bigger or smaller size, please IM me in-world and I will re-size it for you.