-Hanaya- @ FTLO Boo-for-2 Event

Halloween thoughts on this fine Sunday –

  • things that go bump in the night
  • orange things
  • things that are yummy
  • magic-y black shiny things
  • things that entrap you
  • strangely spooky-but-cute growing things

If these thoughts create a picture in your mind’s eye, then you may be seeing what I saw when was working on creating the -Hanaya- Halloween items for the FTLO Boo-for-2 Event.

The event starts tomorrow at a secret location here, and promises to bring you fun and cool goodies from some of the awesomest of Second Life’s creators and designers. And from our store too 😉

 -Hanaya- bOo BoO Waving Ghosts Tree

The Waving Ghosts Tree is modeled after a real life tree that my daughter and I used to decorate with tissue paper ghosts that used to sway in the wind.
And ok, I took a bit of artistic license – we used to have apples on our tree, not tomatoes ^.^

Anyway, the ghosties are scripted to wave at you and the whole yummy tree is topped with a string of flashing Halloween lights to add a special touch to your outdoor spaces. It comes complete with an autumn-coloured base with sculpted grass tufts and looks great from all sides. If you want to see it rezzed out, please pop by our in-world store.

Available for purchase (100 L) at the FTLO Boo-for-2 Event.

-Hanaya- bOo BoO Pumpkin House FTLO Gift

A pumpkin house big enough to walk into and hang out in, while outside the night is stormy and eerie sounds* raise goosebumps on your flesh. The pumpkin contains 6 menu-driven PG animations – 4 inside the pumpkin and 2 outside. Walk inside and use the pillows, or sit on the giant leaf to have outdoor fun ^-^

We also added a teeny garden complete with fog-emitting* sculpted grass clumps, a flickering magical black candle, and rickety steps leading to your front door. And of course a spider net with a scaaaary spider, and the fly that go away and got very very very large!

So please come and check out the fun at the FTLO Boo-for-2 Event, which starts on October 10th and continues until October 31st.

 * Click grass for fog, and candle for sound on/off (sound is owner-operated).

Background image for 2 vendor posters in this post created by rubyblossom.

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