Riverwood: a public park sponsored by -Hanaya-

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is pleased to welcome the general public to a small mainland park in the Hidden Lakes region on the continent of Sansara. The park, which lies on an inland waterway, is open for public rezzing with 60 minutes auto-return and a WWC windsetter.

Visit Riverwood @ Rydal (opens a new web page).

In addition to short-term public boat mooring, the park has benches, a campfire spot, dancing and of course, many birds, flowers and trees. Visitors are welcome to take out one of our paddle boats for a leisurely paddle up or down the river. Just click the paddle boat rezzer, hop in and start pedaling! And don’t forget to check out the built-in cooler for a selection of beverages.

Special note for sailing and cruising clubs:

If you would like to add Riverwood to a trip destination and require a longer auto-return for a specific trip, please contact Moriko Inshan in-world by IM.  WWC windsetter is on site, setting = north 7.5 meters per second.

We hope you enjoy your visit and return often 🙂

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