-Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania

A dozen new autumn-themed bird houses are now on display at our in-world store and available for purchase. Each is a different design, and there are 4 types – some with silhouettes of cardinals or sparrows, some with pumpkins and some with little flower/grass fences.

If you visit us in-world, you may notice that fall has arrived in the gardens surrounding the store – the product images in this post are taken on location. We hope you enjoy the ambiance and find something to take home with you.

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania

The mania pack (pictured above) gets you all 12 bird houses, 3 of each type. Or if you like, get the three-packs – 3 bird houses per pack of the same type (pictured below).

Please note – single bird houses are available for purchase in-world only.

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Cardinals)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Sparrows)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Pumpkins)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Flowers)

 The -Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania fatpack, as well as the four 3-packs listed above will be available in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace in the next few days. If you can’t wait and need a gift option, please contact me in-world by IM and I will be happy to help 🙂

Have an awesomely fabulous week!

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