New Product: -Hanaya- Magical Pumpkin Patch

Can you believe that in  less than one week, autumn begins?

The fall vegetables in my real life garden are maturing, and so are the pumpkins in the -Hanaya- Magical Pumpkin Patch, a brand new product release currently available in our in-world store and the Second Life Marketplace.

-Hanaya- Magical Pumkin Patch

Why magical you ask? Well 2 of the pumpkins magically turn into lit jack-o-lanterns during the Second Life night time (if you are on a private estate, make sure that it is not set to a fixed/constant time if you want the magic to work).

The set also includes 4 unisex PG animations, so you can chill on either corner of the market stall, or weed and admire the biggest pumpkin in your patch. Packaged in an easy to use Autorezzer, the Magical Pumpkin Patch is copy/mod for your convenience.

It is rezzed in the new product showcase area of our in-world store, directly at the landing point – if you have time, come see it and try out the animations.

And while you are visiting, please note that we are in four – yes 4 – hunts this weekend:

  1. Plundering Villages Hunt – gift is the -Hanaya- Pirates Backwoods Rum Still 
  2. Home & Garden Falling Leaves Hunt – gift is the -Hanaya- Autumn Market Stall
  3. Miracles of Autumn 2 Hunt – 1 L gift is the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset
  4. Macabre Hunt – our gift is the -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

To make hunting easier, there is now a Current Hunt Hints Board at our main store landing point. Just click the board, then choose which hunt you want the hunt hint for. Have fun and have an awesome weekend!

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