-Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

Did you guys hear that this autumn’s Macabre Hunt theme is Le Cirque Diabolique? If you know me, you know that I love making stuff for the pure fun of it. When I heard about this hunt, I had to join in, even though I was over-committed this month with real life, as well as already being in 3 other hunts this month. But .. Le Cirque Diabolique? Of course I had to do it!

For the last month, my living room has been echoing with strains of slightly off key, evil calliope music while visions from H. P. Lovecraft novels drifted in my head. I researched antique wagons on the net, fiddled in Photoshop and tp’d in friends to try crazy animations.

The result is the -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon. A one-of-a kind decoration for Halloween, a must for circus lovers, a fun thing for fairs and best of all, a free gift from -Hanaya- to you during the Macabre Hunt.

 -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

Four evil animations allow you to get in the act. Enter the cage if you dare and tame the tiger, pose on the lion drum, or try out the meat hook (evil laughter is heard). Or just sit outside the cage and watch. But be careful – evil lurks beneath!

The -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon is available for free at our in-world store, starting on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 as part of the Macabre Hunt. Our store is #29, and the hint to help you find the hidden hunt object in our store is:

‘Sometimes hiding the hunt object is a form of art.’

More information on the hunt including a list of hints for the other awesome stores that are participating is on the Macabre Hunt blog.
The hunt runs from September 17 – October 15, 2011.


  1. The image used on the back drop of the cage inside the wagon is based on The Lion Queen, a chromolithograph published c1874 by Gibson & Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio). Reference is here.
  2. The background of the info poster is Horror Circus, a digital art piece by ~leocomix (Leonardo Soares), a Brazilian illustrator who is part of the deviantART community. Reference is here.

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