NEW -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset

I read that fairy rings can mark the location of gateways into elfin kingdoms, or places where fairies and elves gather and dance. According to legend whose origins are lost in the mists of time, a ring of mushrooms sometimes appears in those places. Most prevalent in early autumn, especially at Samhain, magical places like fairy rings can sometimes be a dangerous place. So we have made sure that the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring is protected by secret charms to keep you safe.

Created especially for the Miracles of Autumn Hunt 2, Love’s Fairy Ring will be available at the -Hanaya- main store starting on September 16, 2011 for the duration of the hunt.

 -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring

The playset comes in a convenient autorezzer – follow the instructions for easy set up.

Included in the set is a forest floor base with trees, a rustic bench, which contains 4 animations so you can sit and cuddle with a loved one, or chat with a friend as you watch and listen to the crackling of the fire. A magical gazebo crafted from knotty trunks shelters you and overhead the wind chime makes occasional tinkly sounds as the breeze ruffles your hair.

Daytime and night time bird sounds help to set the mood, as do the sparkles emanated from the magic funnel fungi. If you take a deep look inside the fungi, you may see your reflection gazing back at you in the animated ripples of the surface of the water – or will you see the face of your own true love?

So, come and get your own copy of the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset during the Miracles of Autumn Hunt 2 at -Hanaya-. The hunt starts on September 16 and runs until October 16, 2011. We are store #107 and the hunt hint is:

‘Under a canopy of autumn leaves with birds and butterflies for company I hide’


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