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-Hanaya- All-Seeing Hat Hunt Gift

Introducing the -Hanaya- All-Seeing Hat for students of Hogwarts (and other Potter afficionados). The set of 4 unisex hats, bearing flora and accoutrements in the house colours of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw is a one-of-a-kind creation for the Harry Potter Hunt, which begins on Saturday, October 1st. It will be available, free of charge, at the -Hanaya- in-world store for the duration of the hunt.

The -Hanaya- All-Seeing Hat was created based on a principle first developed by Sephrenius Humdinger in 1874. Humdinger successfully bred plants of the genus Cypripedium Calceolus Omniocularis in captivity.

The purpose of the hat is to give the wearer 360° vision, which is a particularly great advantage if the wearer gets disoriented and tries not to get hit by Muggle automobiles.

The remaining problem is the appearance of the hat, which is somewhat odd when seen through Muggle eyes, and puts the wearer in danger of being locked away in a Muggle asylum. For this reason, we recommend that every wearer of the “All-Seeing Hat” familiarizes themselves with spells such as Alohomora, and practises apparition or carries a pre-set portkey.

As a special service we will gladly program a portkey to your home into the hat, should you yourself be unfamiliar with how to do that. Please contact the creator by IM in-world for this service.

Hunt Information:

The 2nd annual Harry Potter Hunt starts on Saturday, October 1st and continues until October 31st, 2011. We are store number 32, and the hunt hint is:

‘I am totally sticking to the story.’

The Hogwarts crest used in the image is available at Wikipedia.


Riverwood: a public park sponsored by -Hanaya-

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is pleased to welcome the general public to a small mainland park in the Hidden Lakes region on the continent of Sansara. The park, which lies on an inland waterway, is open for public rezzing with 60 minutes auto-return and a WWC windsetter.

Visit Riverwood @ Rydal (opens a new web page).

In addition to short-term public boat mooring, the park has benches, a campfire spot, dancing and of course, many birds, flowers and trees. Visitors are welcome to take out one of our paddle boats for a leisurely paddle up or down the river. Just click the paddle boat rezzer, hop in and start pedaling! And don’t forget to check out the built-in cooler for a selection of beverages.

Special note for sailing and cruising clubs:

If you would like to add Riverwood to a trip destination and require a longer auto-return for a specific trip, please contact Moriko Inshan in-world by IM.  WWC windsetter is on site, setting = north 7.5 meters per second.

We hope you enjoy your visit and return often 🙂

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania

A dozen new autumn-themed bird houses are now on display at our in-world store and available for purchase. Each is a different design, and there are 4 types – some with silhouettes of cardinals or sparrows, some with pumpkins and some with little flower/grass fences.

If you visit us in-world, you may notice that fall has arrived in the gardens surrounding the store – the product images in this post are taken on location. We hope you enjoy the ambiance and find something to take home with you.

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania

The mania pack (pictured above) gets you all 12 bird houses, 3 of each type. Or if you like, get the three-packs – 3 bird houses per pack of the same type (pictured below).

Please note – single bird houses are available for purchase in-world only.

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Cardinals)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Sparrows)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Pumpkins)

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird Houses (Flowers)

 The -Hanaya- Autumn Bird House Mania fatpack, as well as the four 3-packs listed above will be available in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace in the next few days. If you can’t wait and need a gift option, please contact me in-world by IM and I will be happy to help 🙂

Have an awesomely fabulous week!

-Hanaya- Autumn Couples Garden Bench

Thirteen prims, sculpted ivy draped on a gnarly branch, a blankie to keep you cozy warm. And birds – two of them. Sound sweet?

Well it looks sweet, but on this garden bench, you can argue have a serious discussion, then knead the stress out from his shoulders, give huggies and then sit and reflect on how great life together is.

-Hanaya- Autumn Couples Garden Bench

Out now in the New Products area of the -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles  in-world store (just walk in the front door), and soon to be out on the Second Life Marketplace. Matches our Autumn Iris Planter and is copy mod for your convenience.

Have a great Monday!

New Product: -Hanaya- Magical Pumpkin Patch

Can you believe that in  less than one week, autumn begins?

The fall vegetables in my real life garden are maturing, and so are the pumpkins in the -Hanaya- Magical Pumpkin Patch, a brand new product release currently available in our in-world store and the Second Life Marketplace.

-Hanaya- Magical Pumkin Patch

Why magical you ask? Well 2 of the pumpkins magically turn into lit jack-o-lanterns during the Second Life night time (if you are on a private estate, make sure that it is not set to a fixed/constant time if you want the magic to work).

The set also includes 4 unisex PG animations, so you can chill on either corner of the market stall, or weed and admire the biggest pumpkin in your patch. Packaged in an easy to use Autorezzer, the Magical Pumpkin Patch is copy/mod for your convenience.

It is rezzed in the new product showcase area of our in-world store, directly at the landing point – if you have time, come see it and try out the animations.

And while you are visiting, please note that we are in four – yes 4 – hunts this weekend:

  1. Plundering Villages Hunt – gift is the -Hanaya- Pirates Backwoods Rum Still 
  2. Home & Garden Falling Leaves Hunt – gift is the -Hanaya- Autumn Market Stall
  3. Miracles of Autumn 2 Hunt – 1 L gift is the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset
  4. Macabre Hunt – our gift is the -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

To make hunting easier, there is now a Current Hunt Hints Board at our main store landing point. Just click the board, then choose which hunt you want the hunt hint for. Have fun and have an awesome weekend!

-Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

Did you guys hear that this autumn’s Macabre Hunt theme is Le Cirque Diabolique? If you know me, you know that I love making stuff for the pure fun of it. When I heard about this hunt, I had to join in, even though I was over-committed this month with real life, as well as already being in 3 other hunts this month. But .. Le Cirque Diabolique? Of course I had to do it!

For the last month, my living room has been echoing with strains of slightly off key, evil calliope music while visions from H. P. Lovecraft novels drifted in my head. I researched antique wagons on the net, fiddled in Photoshop and tp’d in friends to try crazy animations.

The result is the -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon. A one-of-a kind decoration for Halloween, a must for circus lovers, a fun thing for fairs and best of all, a free gift from -Hanaya- to you during the Macabre Hunt.

 -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon

Four evil animations allow you to get in the act. Enter the cage if you dare and tame the tiger, pose on the lion drum, or try out the meat hook (evil laughter is heard). Or just sit outside the cage and watch. But be careful – evil lurks beneath!

The -Hanaya- Freaky Circus Lion Tamer Wagon is available for free at our in-world store, starting on Saturday, September 17th, 2011 as part of the Macabre Hunt. Our store is #29, and the hint to help you find the hidden hunt object in our store is:

‘Sometimes hiding the hunt object is a form of art.’

More information on the hunt including a list of hints for the other awesome stores that are participating is on the Macabre Hunt blog.
The hunt runs from September 17 – October 15, 2011.


  1. The image used on the back drop of the cage inside the wagon is based on The Lion Queen, a chromolithograph published c1874 by Gibson & Co. (Cincinnati, Ohio). Reference is here.
  2. The background of the info poster is Horror Circus, a digital art piece by ~leocomix (Leonardo Soares), a Brazilian illustrator who is part of the deviantART community. Reference is here.

NEW -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset

I read that fairy rings can mark the location of gateways into elfin kingdoms, or places where fairies and elves gather and dance. According to legend whose origins are lost in the mists of time, a ring of mushrooms sometimes appears in those places. Most prevalent in early autumn, especially at Samhain, magical places like fairy rings can sometimes be a dangerous place. So we have made sure that the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring is protected by secret charms to keep you safe.

Created especially for the Miracles of Autumn Hunt 2, Love’s Fairy Ring will be available at the -Hanaya- main store starting on September 16, 2011 for the duration of the hunt.

 -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring

The playset comes in a convenient autorezzer – follow the instructions for easy set up.

Included in the set is a forest floor base with trees, a rustic bench, which contains 4 animations so you can sit and cuddle with a loved one, or chat with a friend as you watch and listen to the crackling of the fire. A magical gazebo crafted from knotty trunks shelters you and overhead the wind chime makes occasional tinkly sounds as the breeze ruffles your hair.

Daytime and night time bird sounds help to set the mood, as do the sparkles emanated from the magic funnel fungi. If you take a deep look inside the fungi, you may see your reflection gazing back at you in the animated ripples of the surface of the water – or will you see the face of your own true love?

So, come and get your own copy of the -Hanaya- Love’s Fairy Ring Playset during the Miracles of Autumn Hunt 2 at -Hanaya-. The hunt starts on September 16 and runs until October 16, 2011. We are store #107 and the hunt hint is:

‘Under a canopy of autumn leaves with birds and butterflies for company I hide’


NEW -Hanaya- Autumn Market Stall

As I get ready to decorate my real life front garden for fall, and attend a medieval market in a nearby village next weekend, it seems appropriate to release the -Hanaya- Autumn Market Stall (Hunt Edition).

Filled with fresh autumn produce from my virtual garden, the sculpted peppers, indian corn, melon and apple are all copy. A lovely squat pumpkin with a leaf completes the veggie line-up. The complete cart as pictured below is 24 prims, but you can rez as many or as few of the items as you like, so I hope you will find a corner of your home to place it.

Starting on September 15th, it will be available at our in-world store as a hunt gift during the Home and Garden Falling Leaves Hunt.

-Hanaya- Autumn Market Stall (Hunt Edition)

The Falling Leaves Hunt begins on September 15th and runs until October 15, 2011. We are store number 51, and our hint is:

‘The best way to stay in touch with our store news.’


-Hanaya- is Calling all Pirates!

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!”

It seems appropriate that I start this blog post with the first two lines of this famous sea shanty, from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

You ask why? Well it is like this … *inserts image*.

-Hanaya- Pirates Backwoods Rum Still (Hunt Edition)

Today is the start of the Plundering Villages Hunt, and of course, -Hanaya- is participating in it. Who could resist making something cool for the pirate in all of us?

And I did have tons of fun – especially with the custom-sculpted still I made, complete with copper tubing partially submerged in a crate line with tin, filled with rippling water to help the condensation process. The set comes with 8 looped animations, 6 in the menu-driven bench and two that let you tend to the fire and fiddle with the tube apparatus. And of course the rum barrels give you and your pirate friends jugs of rum so you can get properly wasted quench your thirst.

Speaking of wasted, my fave animation is in the bench – and that is all I am saying. You guys need to discover the rest for yourselves!

Hunt Information

The Plundering Villages Hunt starts on September 1st and runs until September 30th, 2011.
-Hanaya- is number 67, and our hint is “In t’ olden days a lot o’ pirates ended up in a shallow grave somewhere by t’ aft door.”

And when you find the -Hanaya- Hunt gift, beware!