-Hanaya- September Group & Subscribo Gifts

Hello and happy almost September πŸ™‚

I have been working away on a number of projects, but took some time out today to get the group and subscribo gifts for September ready.

-Hanaya- Garden Wind Chime September Group Gift

I am particularly pleased with the -Hanaya- Garden Wind Chime, and I hope you will be too. It looks great, but the best part of it is in the custom-created script that does two cool things. First, the chime tones are played randomly, with pauses, which makes for a very realistic sound output. Second, the volume is scripted to vary with Second Life wind. The windier it is, the higher volume you hear. Cool eh? Big thanks go to my brother-in-law Lance Corrimal for writing the script and sequencing the sound files.

While I am on the topic of scripting, most of the scripts in my products have been produced by Lance. I am very grateful for his work on -Hanaya- products, since generally most of his efforts go to updating and supporting the Dolphin Viewer, my favourite Third Party Viewer. Can’t wait for the next release currently being developed, which will include Mesh.

-Hanaya- Autumn Bird House September Subscribo Gift

The Autumn Bird House is a fall-coloured remake of one of the very popular Bird House mania products. At only 6 prims, even those who call a Linden Home a home can have one πŸ™‚

A word on Gifts

While on the topic of gifts, let me talk about hunt gifts for a minute. If you have been the recipient of one of my hunt gifts, you will know that I take special care to create something brand new for every new hunt, and that I ensure the item is top notch and in line with the quality of other products in my store. My policy has been, since my very first hunt, to place the item on sale after the hunt is over. So that means, if you take the time and trouble to come and hunt, you will get a brand new product for free during the hunt. And for the rest of the Second Life population who do not ‘do’ hunts, the product becomes available for purchase after the hunt is over.

So, please watch the notices on our in-world group -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, and on our subscribo – the gifts are being sent out today. If you miss the deliveries, check the group notices or stop by the store and grab it off the Subscribo history. As always, the group gift is set out in the Customer Information area of our in-world store, where it will remain for the next 30 days.





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