NEW RELEASE -Hanaya- ‘Up and Away’ Kitty Condo

Now that I am getting a bit more serious about breeding KittyCatS!* I pulled out the kitty hangout I created a few months ago for our home, gave it a few licks of paint and am releasing it for sale at our in-world main store.  Read more below the image …

-Hanaya- ‘Up and Away’ Kitty Condo (Texture Change)

The -Hanaya- ‘Up and Away’ Kitty Condo is a texture change cat hangout that includes 4 PG animations for cat owners and provides places for up to 12 full-size adult KittyCatS!* It comes in single colour mod/copy versions, as well as the deluxe colour/texture change edition pictured above – just one click for a whole new look.

It is custom sculpted with loving detail and is only 10 prims in total. A space of 4.5 x 3.5 meters is recommended to allow you to rez the condo and to stand beside it while you groom your pet.

Textured to match the KittyCatS! Scratch-n-Play Post*, this luxury hangout includes 4 soft cushy pillows, a sleeping basket for mommies with newly born kittens, as well as 3 tunnels and a ramp for exercise. The 16 scratching posts that are built into the condo are decorative –  pose your cats as appropriate 🙂

Four menu-driven animations (not static poses) are built in, so you can hang out with your kitties as they laze about:

* Grooming (rez your cat and stand to groom it)
* Chill (sit cross legged, knees up and reach out to pet your cat)
* Huggies (sit with legs stretched out, hug your sitting cat)
* Eeeks! (do upside down sit-ups, hanging down)

The -Hanaya- ‘Up and Away’ Kitty Condos are now available at the Featured New Product area of our in-world store, directly beside the landing point. Come and try the demo today! Or shop from the comfort of your home at our web store on the Second Life Marketplace.

KittyCatS! and the KittyCatS! Scratch-n-Play Post in the above image are NOT included, but are available for purchase at the KittyCatS! Main Store.

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