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In my mind, August is a month for bold, strong colours – reds, yellows, oranges, deep vines and maroons. In my life, they are reflected in the produce from my garden, in the clothes that I yank out of the closet to wear, and in the perennials blooming in my garden.

So it is no coincidence, that this weekend’s two new releases from -Hanaya- reflect those colours.

-Hanaya- Autumn Iris Planter

If you are like me, in mid-August, you start to think about swapping out your summer decor for autumn. Our brand new Autumn Iris Planter is packed with tall bearded irises, set in a custom sculpted planter and is ready for you to set out on your terrace, by your front door or inside your store. Deliciously sculpted flowers in this fall’s spectrum of colours will delight you as you walk by, beckoning you to smell their fragrance.

Irises look wonderful outdoors, but they are also one of my favourite cut flowers.

It is no accident that my store, -Hanaya-, means flower shop in Japanese. Both my spouse and I are Japanophiles, and one of my key hobbies is flower arranging. Ikebana is the art of flower arranging Japanese style – if you would like general information, you could start at Wikipedia.

-Hanaya- Iris Ikebana (Scent of Autumn)

Our brand new Iris Ikebana, aptly named ‘Scent of Autumn’, is a single bearded iris stalk with 4 open flowers, set in a mound of mossy earth. Subtly animated water ripples out from the plant toward a duo of wet, leaf-shaped rocks, which are topped with a single fallen leaf.

Both the -Hanaya- Autumn Iris Planter and the -Hanaya- Iris Ikebana (Scent of Autumn) are currently rezzed on display in the New Products area of our in-world store and are available for purchase. They are mod/copy for your convenience. As usual, they will also be available for sale in our web store on the Second Life Marketplace sometime next week.



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