New Release: -Hanaya- Toro Nagashi

If you are a Japanophile like some people around my house, you will have heard about Obon – the festival of lights. Obon is a Buddhist celebration during which many Japanese people honour the spirits of their ancestors. The end of the festival is celebrated by placing floating lanterns on water, and letting them drift with the current. The lights symbolize the souls of those no longer with us.

 -Hanaya- Toro Nagashi (Floating Lanterns)

The -Hanaya- Toro Nagashi are only 3 prims each, come in 4 colours, and include a script to lower the lantern to Linden water and make it float gently reacting to Linden wind. An unscripted set of the lanterns is also included, should you wish to simply rez a lantern on dry land.

The lanterns are available for sale at the -Hanaya- main store in-world, as well as our web store on the Second Life Marketplace. Get yours now, and set them out next Saturday to take part in the celebration.

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