NEW RELEASE: -Hanaya- Ph34rbot

When I first heard about the Anime Hunt, I fist-pumped. That is because my better half has indoctrinated me to love all things anime and manga. Our real life house is kinda stuffed to the rafters with it. So I knew that I had to make something really cool, and I had to have permission from the artist to do a recreation.

With those parameters in mind, one of my fave mangas, Megatokyo, came to mind. Since the spousal unit has worked as part of one of the translation teams, I hoped that Megatokyo artist/writer Fred Gallagher would agree to me doing a recreation of one of his famous characters – the Ph34rbot.     And he did 🙂

-Hanaya- Ph34rbot Security Device

I re-created the Ph34rbot from bits of cardboard, duct tape and an old monitor. Oh yeah, and I threw in a few guns just like the original has ^.^

To make it even more fun, the Ph34rbot comes in two versions – one a scripted one with the TerraGuard 2.2 Security script, and one unscripted to just .. well rezz out and chill with.    NOTE to you kiddies at home – please read the instructions for the scripted version if you intend to use it for security on your land.

The -Hanaya- Ph34rbot is available at our in-world store during the Anime Hunt, which starts on August 5, 2011 and runs until September 4, 2011. The hint for our store is ‘itadakimasu – look for me in a plate of food’. If you are a good boy or girl who does not use ‘Area Search’ and are really really stumped, feel free to IM me for additional hints 😉

 P.S. Please note the Ph34rbot is mod/transfer/no copy permissions, since it must be transfer to deed to group, and mod so you can fix up the authorized avatars notecard for the scripted version. So if you want a back-up for your inv, just grab an extra copy of the hunt gift.

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