They say it’s your birthday …

I am having an awesome, sunny, sparkly-bright day, celebrating my birthday and wanted to share it with you guys.

So I am sending a prezzie out to in-world, Flickr and Plurk friends as well as my group and subscribo groups. Also available for the next few days in the garden at the -Hanaya- main store.

Named after the real me, the Mia Circlet & Earrings set is the sort of thing I used to love to wear to dress up when I played princesses with my mom when I was little. We lost my mom just two months ago, but I know that she would love the idea of this gift, since she was an awesome gardener and had a house full of hibiscus and orchids.

It is making me happy wearing it and I hope you guys like it too. Speaking of ‘guys’, the circlet comes in a bigger, slightly reconfigured version so that any males who get this gift can hang it on the wall, if they don’t want to wear it :p


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