Candylane Suntan Set for Cupcake War Hunt

I have been feeling very candy-ish (read sparkly, pink, yummy and sweet) lately. My new creations always reflect my mood, so the -Hanaya- Candylane collection was born.

Much of the Candylane collection is suitable for either around a pool, in your garden or on the beach, and it is guaranteed to give you a tooth ache! Four yummy colour themes (Cupcake, Jellybean, Chocomint and Lollipop) are guaranteed to give you cavities 🙂

The first release in the collection, the -Hanaya- Candylane Suntan Set, will be gifted to girls and boys who participate in the Cupcake War Hunt, which starts on July 15th.

The set includes four yummy canvas chairs with four animations (2 girlie ones and 2 unisex), four yummy little side tables that dispense icy sparkly glasses of water with ice cubes to all your guests, and a festive summery bunting in a bunch of different sizes to fit almost any location.

So come get yours during the Cupcake War Hunt at our in-world store, and hook into our Flickr, subscribo or in-world group for news on new matching pieces in the -Hanaya- Candylane collection.

Hunt Hint for -Hanaya-:

“Where water flows upwards, I there reside; behind human’s creation is where I do hide. While inside, I dream of how up I could fly and rising outside, I see all under the sky. Where am I?”

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