New Release: -Hanaya- Vintage Chaise Lounge Set

A brand new release from -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles, the Vintage Chaise Lounge Set (Texture Change) is now available for purchase at our main store, at our branch store in the tower at Vintage Village  in Verdigris, and on the Second Life Marketplace.

The set, which includes many limited edition textures, consists of a chaise lounge, a matching round table with a Tiffany lamp and a window with built in drapes, shutters and windowbox with ivy.

More than 50 vintage textures are grouped into 3 coordinated looks – Merlot, Sage and Provence. The look of a by-gone era is echoed in the crocheted afghan throw, the antique Tiffany lamp, and in the materials used for the draperies, bedding and table cloth.

Meticulous details such as the custom sculpted windowbox, edging on the afghan and tassels add to the special feel of this vintage set, which is also available in single theme colours (without texture change) pictured below.

The Provence colour theme’s blues and yellows, with antique lace inset drapes have a bright and cheerful look. The model is shown in the ‘Sit’ animation.

Green tones dominate the Sage colour theme – the image shows the model in the ‘Lounge’ animation.

The Merlot colour theme, with it’s soothing pinks and mauves is accented with teal. The model is in the ‘Read’ animation, which rezzes an old-fashioned opened book as the animation is activated.

The complete texture change set is currently rezzed out in the new furniture releases area of our main store, directly at the landing point so you can try out the set’s texture change menu and animations.

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