New Releases – Hibiscus and Ivy

Yay, it is the start of a brand new summery week and I have news for you guys!

I made some new bendy vases with cool textures and decided to go crazy with Hibiscus. And there are lots of different ways to buy ’em, depending on how much loot you want to spend.

All the individual yummy colour combinations are stuffed in a Gatcha. Play the Gatcha in the New Releases area of the store for 25L each, and get mod/transfer versions.

If you prefer, choose one of the 2 available fun packs, which contain 3 hibiscus each, or go big for the Hibiscus Mania Fatpack and get all 9 of them.

Another new release that I sneaked into the store last week is the Rustic Ivy Planter – a low prim and fit-anywhere little home or barn adornment.

The new releases are rezzed at the store as usual, and will be released in our webstore on the Second Life Marketplace in a day or two.

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