New Release – Sea and Spring Living Room Set

I made this living room set for the Second Life home that I share with my partner, Yuukie. After posting several pictures on my Flickr of the interior of our home, some of my Flickr friends asked if they could buy the set. So … here it is, available at our in-world store, as well as the -Hanaya- webstore on the Second Life Marketplace.

The sectional couch and matching chair are upholstered in co-ordinating linen fabrics that have a cool, crisp feel. The couch and chair contain 12 couple and 10 single avatar animations. The couple animations are PG šŸ™‚

The look is completed by custom-sculpted tables and lamp made by me, a simple Gingko Leaf arrangement and hard candies in a bowl, all set on a scrunchy sea grass rug.

There are a total of 10 single avatar sit/slouch animations in the set – 8 in the couch, and 2 in the chair. The sectional couch in this set also includes an MLP (v2 4z9) menu for the 12 couple animations. There are 4 ‘Relaxing’ animations, 4 ‘Cuddle’ animations and 4 ‘Kissing’ animations. Most are suitable to both hetero as well as gay/lesbian couples. All poses are adjustable via the MLP menu.

The set is rezzed in our in-world store, so please feel free to come by and check it out.

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