New Release: Girlfriends Garden Bench

Now that the nice weather is here, I was inspired to create a garden bench. This one, like many of my other products, is based on one that I owned in real life.

The bench consists of 2 sculpts created by me, and contains 6 looped animations for girls, 3 on each side of the bench. A single person can sit on the right or left side, or 2 people can sit together. And yea .. I know, no male sits in this one. The -Hanaya- Buddy Bench (animations for 2 guys), and the -Hanaya- Garden Bench for Couples will be coming out in the next few weeks.

The product includes a tea rose bush in a custom-made planter that matches the bench, with exquisitely sculpted roses – that makes the planter kind of primmy.

I am excited about this bench, because it is a first product that I created with Perfect Sitter scripts, which make it so so easy for the end user to change animations. Adjustment of  the position and rotation of the individual animations is also very easy, but the defaults should work without adjustment for avatars of average heights.

The Girlfriends Garden Bench is available for purchase at our in-world store, and is rezzed there so you can try it out. Or buy it at our web store on the Second Life Market Place if you wish to take advantage of home shopping or buy as gift for a friend.

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