April Group & Subscribo Gifts are out!

This silly little bunny has been working her fluffy tail off, making gifts and charity items in the last few weeks. It is fun and is always better to give then to receive, right?

So .. for my yummy friends in the store group, here is April’s group gift, a low prim handpainted screen with a single but awesome calla lily in a vase. The screen is reversible, and the whole thing is mod/copy, so you can unlink the vase & lily and place as you wish. The screen is another custom sculpt creation from little bunny me, with limited edition textures from Distressed.

For my subscribo friends, and wow … there are lots of you guys now … I made a garden ornament. A cute little sparrow sitting on a juicy red apple, mounted on a wrought iron stand.

Like always, if you miss the group or subscribo gifts which are being sent out today, you can get them for the next few weeks on the subscribo history, or old group notices. Or just IM me 🙂

And do pop by the store if you have time, all three hunts we are in have officially started.

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