“Plant This” Hunt

Yes, I know .. being in 3 hunts in the month of April is insane, especially since I pride myself on making exclusive items for each and every hunt. But when I was contacted by Raindrop Lowbeam, and told the name of this hunt, I could not resist!

“Plant This” is a small, grid-wide hunt that is geared toward well .. plants!

In the spirit of spring, that is already in full bloom in my real life, and soon coming to other colder parts of the globe, I assembled a yummy garden decoration for your Second Life – the Wheel Barrow with Tulips.

Picture a beautifully sculpted and textured wheel barrow, heaped with planting soil and lovely species tulips. Yours to find somewhere in the garden of our in-world store. The hint is “Look for me in the garden among the tulips.” Those reading my blog or Flickr can just look for the hunt gift, pictured here đŸ™‚

A list of vendors, with hints and  SLURLS to each shop can be found on the Plant This hunt blog. You can also join the in-world hunt group called Rainy Day Hunts for additional help from the organizers and other hunters.

Have lots of fun!

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