The Evil Bunny Hunt

April is the month for hopping around the grid and collecting some goodies for your Easter basket.

-Hanaya- is participating in 3 hunts, one of which is The Evil Bunny Hunt, organized by Allie Munro of Grumble. The hunt runs from April 1st to 30th, 2011 and has 128 participating stores.

-Hanaya- is stop number 31 on the list and is proud to provide a sweet little Easter basket stuffed with sculpted flowers, Easter eggs and the prerequisite bunny rabbit.

The hint for -Hanaya- is “Eggs, eggs, and more eggs, and flowers too”.

Munro tells us that  “The evil bunny has been very busy spreading Easter chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil.  Follow his devious trail of nice and naughty eggs to find the golden egg at the end- but beware of that carrot, is it ink or blood, we don’t know as he’s very tricky and quick. That fluffy tail isn’t as cute as you might think.”

The starting point for the hunt is Grumble . A list of participating stores and hints can be found here . You will be looking for naughty or nice eggs – one egg has an angelic halo and the other is a naughty devil horned egg. Check the poster at each location to see which egg type of egg is hidden there.

You can also join the hunt group by clicking on the hunt poster.

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