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One of the things that my partner Yuukie and I love to do in Second Life is exploring, with camera in  hand.

A few weeks ago, we had a chance to re-visit the Tableau sim, which has a new look and feel. The build is wonderfully whimsical and the colour palette used is yummy. So naturally, one of my snaps became part of my 3-d art series.

The piece is encased in a retro-chic crackled wood frame, and embellished with our ‘Aloe Plant in Square Planter’, sparrows and a broom in case you feel like sweeping the street.  It is on exhibit on the second floor of our store in the art gallery. Hang it on your wall and feel as though you are there or visit Tableau in Second Life .

You know how sometimes, you don’t get around to arranging cut flowers in a vase, and just leave them in a water bath? For days on end? In case you didn’t, here is the recipe:

Take any old container (or our square organic one) and fill it with sparkling clear water.

Then add:
3 blushing roses
3 sunrise calla lilies
1 species tulip
calla and rose foliage

Place in a cool, partly shaded place in your home and enjoy. Serves millions 🙂

Both new releases are rezzed at our inworld store, and are also available for gifting on the Second Life Marketplace.


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