New Release and our position on CDS systems

Hello and happy first weekend of March!

Are you into old picturesque barns, shabby chic decor, shoes and clothes? Then you might like our new release, the -Hanaya- Fashionista Cupboard.

Stuffed full of sculpted goodies like shirts on hangers, shoes, baskets and stacks of jeans and tank tops, it is a must both as a photo prop as well as a yummy home decor item.

The cupboard itself utilizes a sculpt map made by yours truly, and is only 7 prims. Its two compartment drawers and both doors open and close at your touch. The contents are a bit primmy, but are copy/mod so you can rez out as many (or few) as you wish.

Also new is matching wall art for our Organic Breezes Living and Dining Room Sets.


New at the Designers Showcase location only is the empty version of our Fashionista Cupboard . At 99 L and only 7 prims, this ovely clothes cupboard is waiting for you to stuff it full of your dresses, shoes and stuff.


Last but definitely not least … some of you may be aware of the privacy issues involving RedZone and other CDS systems. Simply put, these systems scan your avatar without your permission, gather data about you, later making it available to people who subscribe to the service for a fee.

I am a vocal opponent of such systems, and have never used them at my store or home parcel. Additionally, these systems (in their HUD form) are not welcome at my store. So if you have one, and plan to visit the store, please remove it before you TP to us.

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