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It has been a bright, mild and cheery weekend in my part of the world, and promises to be an even better week. So I am sparkly and happy, ’cause spring is really here.

First, I am excited to announce that -Hanaya- is participating in the Couch Potato Hunt, which starts tomorrow (March 1st) and ends on March 29th.

Here is a pic of the hunt gift – it is a yummy cabinet with a daisy in an antique glass vase, with a beaten tin inlay. I think it is pretty sweet and is only 8 prims. If you could cam in on the image of the Organic Breezes couch below, you could even see where the hunt item is located ^.^



With the Couch Potato Hunt, I guess I have couches on the brain. The Organic Breezes Living Room and Dining Room sets are out at the store now, and will be on the Marketplace for gift giving in a day or two.


I have a lot of stuff in progress, some of which you can see in the store or at the greenhouse – the stuff with big “COMING SOON” signs on it.

And yes, for those of you waiting for the Garden Water Faucet and Hose set – it will be out in about a week. I just need to finish the sculpt maps for various sections of hose, so you guys will be able to set it up in a realistic manner that works for your home or business.

Will be out in a day or two .. watch this space for info 🙂

That’s it for now, have a wonderful and fun week!

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