-Hanaya- Store Re-opening Hunt

The -Hanaya- Spring Store Re-opening and Hunt is a 24-hour event on Sunday, February 20th, 2011. It starts at 00:01 AM SLT. That is California time for those of us that are time-zone challenged.

A gift is waiting for you at the arrival point, and by clicking the Hunt poster outside, you can enter your name to enter the raffle to win a 1,000 Linden Gift Certificate redeemable for merchandise from our store (see below for details on how the winner is chosen).

There are 7 tulips hidden at the store – 5 inside the store building, and 2 outside.

Hint List:

  1. Look for the fallen.
  2. Do flowers grow in trees?
  3. Have you climbed down the the rope?
  4. Is this crane a vegetarian or what?
  5. Take a walk up the rear stair case.
  6. Customer service is very important to us.
  7. This tulip has a long shelf life.

How the Gift Certificate winner is chosen:

Instead of hiding one single item with the Gift Certificate, we decided it would be more fair if everyone that attends the hunt would have a chance to win it. On the day following the hunt, all names will be put into a spreadsheet, duplicate names will be consolidated, the names will be numbered according to alphabetical order, and then a scripted tool will be used to generate the winning number. The winner will be advised via IM and notecard on Monday, February 21st, and their name will be published (with their permission), on our blog.

The draw will be done on Monday, Feb 21st at 5 PM SLT.


Please note that we do not use (nor have we ever used) any tools at our store that may compromise the privacy of your information.

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