Bird House Mania!

The bulbs are peeking up in my real life garden, and European birds are singing and marking territory in preparation for spring, which is just around the corner.

In my Second Life, I have been busy getting the -Hanaya- store and our mainland parkland for spring too. As you guys may know, I am a nature girl who is into trees, perennial gardening, woodland plants, and birds.  So it is not a suprise, that I had fun creating original sculpt maps for a yummy bird house. At only 6 prims, but looking like it is made out of 50, I hope you guys will love it as much as I do.

These yummy bird houses are available in a Bird House Mania Superpack, in several smaller bundles, as well as individually.

The Bird House Mania Superpack will be priced super low during our official spring store opening on Sunday, February 20th. So come and visit us, and enjoy the spring!

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