Karolinka’s Kluttered Furniture

The Karolinka’s Kluttered Cupboard (199 L$) is FINALLY OUT FOR SALE, both at our inworld store, as well as on the Second Life Marketplace. I decided to remake the sculpt map for the base unit, to make it more closely resemble the real life piece of furniture that belonged to my grandmother (after whom it is named). It is stuffed full of all sorts of goodies, and there is even room for your own stuff in the wicker baskets – hope it is fun to play with!

The matching Karolinka’s Kluttered CORNER Cupboard is also out for sale at our inworld store and the SL Marketplace. I released this item just the other day – it was specifically made for the Designers Showcase, which is currently closed due to a change in management.

I have decided to provide it at the same PROMO price of 99 L$ at my inworld store.

News and Events

-Hanaya- will be participating in the following upcoming hunts.

* The Evil Bunny Hunt, April 1 – 30
* The Chez Chic Hunt, April 1 – 30

I will also be creating themed one-of a kind yummies for the Atooly Theme Market. Next week’s theme is the 80s … that promises to be fun, since it is my fave decade đŸ™‚ More info later in the week!

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