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Hey everyone 🙂

Lots to tell you, so please grab a coffee or a cup of tea, and read on if you have a minute.

First, four new flower arrangements are out in the shop (two of them for Valentine’s Day), as well as on the SL Marketplace.

My personal fave, the Birch Basket with Orchids, features a delicately veined and coloured moth orchid from Arctic Greenhouse, set in a rustic birch basket with twig handles. Copy/Mod permissions, 99 L$. If you wish to buy as gift, please do so on the SL Marketplace.

PROMO priced (49 L$) and only 4 prims, the Aloe Plant in Square Planter is also Copy/Mod – perfect for a touch of greenery for your home or business.

Yeah, I love orchids so I planted one in an open gift box, added some luscious red heart balloons and wrapped it in love. Mod/Transfer permissions, 99 L$.

So sweet, it might set your teeth on edge, or make your sweetie’s heart melt :p. Picture an arrangement with a heart shaped bamboo of the lucky variety, interspersed with happy, glowy, heart-shaped balloons. Set it in a ceramic heart relief pot, decorated with a fat fabric bow and a translucent butterfly. All ready for gifting @ 99 L$ – transfer permissions only.

A new Gatcha! is stuffed full of yummy, decorative Rooster Plates and Bowls – 15 L$ Transfer/No Copy/No Mod. Trade with friends and collect them all. Or buy for 25 L$ each from the wall display beside the Gatcha.

A new subscribo gift should be out in the next day or two, so if you are subscribed, keep an eye out please, and have a great week!

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