There’s No Place Like Home Hunt

Yay! We are participating in our first ever hunt, the There’s No Place Like Home Hunt, organized by Hioh Jinx of Jinxed! Hunts. The hunt, featuring 133 stores, starts this Saturday (January 15th) and runs until February 15th, 2011.

I have been dying to try out a new tool to make sculpties that I got for Christmas, so I decided to create a tin man sculpture especially for this hunt – the Tin Man. It comes complete with a gently beating heart (thanks to hubby for the script), and has sweet little sparrows perching on arms and shoulders.

So come and visit -Hanaya- to get your piece of art for the garden. Look for the sparkly red shoe – you know, like Dorothy wore – somewhere on the main floor of our store. The hint is “It’s all about the shoes, baby!”

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