Introducing the Winter Leaves furniture collection

To many of us, January is a time for cleansing, rebirth, and a crisp fresh look to things. The Winter Leaves casual furniture collection, with its clean lines brings just that.

The casual look of the Winter Leaves Living Room Set ( 299 L$ ), with its scrunchy-messy rug, squishy chairs with a unisex pose and scattered magazines brings a zen-like feel to your home or business. A pendant lamp provides a soft light, while our newest bamboo plant in a wicker basket completes the look. A must for every rug, a 3-position pose script is built in, so you can model your clothing and accessories without having to drag out a pose stand.

Buy at our webstore on the Second Life Marketplace.

The Winter Leaves Dining Room Set ( 299 L$ ) features a table set for 6 with upholstered chairs and eating animations for male and female avies by Bits and Bobs. Click on the matching table cloth runner to receive a dinner knife and fork. The table is graced by a moth orchid in a milk-glass vase. Two pendant lamps (provided in mod/copy permission so you can resize them as needed), include a soft light via on/off switch.

Buy at our webstore on the Second Life Marketplace.

Inworld Store PROMO!

Buy the packaged set of the Living Room and Dining Room Sets, and save 25%. The PROMO inworld price of 450 L$ is not available on the SL Marketplace. If you wish to buy as gift, please IM me with the particulars.

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