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It is almost time to reclaim your space, put away all the Christmas stuff and get ready for the crisp, fresh look of the New Year.


You need the Oh So Tired Tree Play Set.

The concept for this playset is based on my own habit of reading reading reading to the exclusion of all else, especially housework, and other stuff that needs doing.

So pull a few ornaments off the tired old Christmas tree, bung them into the box, then snuggle down with your better half to enjoy a few more hours with your tree, while reading all those new books you got for Christmas. Both animations are long playing loops and are suitable to either male or female avatars.

The Oh So Tired Tree Play Set is boxed as a linkset (only 18 prims), as well as separate components, so that you can use the pillows and book long after the poor little tree has turned to mulch.

Fully sculpted with loving detail from our shop to your home or business.

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