-Hanaya-  (english translation = flower shop) is the pampered brainchild of Moriko Inshan, a Second Life resident, content creator and designer. The real life person behind the Moriko personna is a certified Master Gardener, nature lover and perfectionist (read ANAL), who brings her passion for all things organic to the Second Life platform.

The -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles store, located in a lovely french-country home in a whimsical sky setting, offers an eclectic mix of flower arrangements, home/garden decor, furniture and other delicious collectibles. The grounds house the Art Gallery, which features art inspired by Second Life as well as photographs from Moriko’s real life garden

Store Name: -Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles & Art Gallery

Owner/Creator: Moriko Inshan

Location: Gwarl, Corsica Continent, Second Life

SLurl: Visit our store in Second Life