“ROBOPET, the path to friendship – Part 5″

Go-tan, the first of the Wilson Primes.
Not nearly so destructive as a tornado or a hurricane, nevertheless, Go-tan packs plenty of firepower of the brain-kind.

Their mission? Find populated worlds in trouble and help by making friends and sharing knowledge. And Earth needed help, fast.

-Hanaya- Go-tan ROBOPET

Our cute little robopets are programmed to speak to you in robosounds – 9 of them. And when you click them to activate their pathfinding function, they will zip around following your land terrain or ‘walkable’ prim surface.

The fabulous Cinema event starts TODAY!.
Prepare to be entertained.

If you want to see their pathfinding action, please stop by Earth -Hanaya- in-world store where pathfinding is enabled.

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