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POE Hunt Gift: In the Land of the Winter Moon

-Hanaya- Yummy Collectibles is participating in the 4th annual Peace on Earth grid-wide hunt, which starts in just a few short hours. Our hunt gift is the -Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon playset (image below), created especially for this hunt.

The set includes a custom-made igloo built from snow in my own SL backyard, a cozy quilt with piles of cushy pillows and an ice bucket with drinkable wine.  The quilt and pillows have 6 PG animations for couples, which are synchronized to work in pairs.

Peek inside the igloo and click on the wine bucket, to be given a folder with wine glasses. Wear the wineglass for the ‘A Toast’ animation, or any other time you want to sip on some white wine.

For outside fun, wander outside and find the snow angel animation in the frozen tundra grass and and get a smile on your face from the happy tree. The scene is lit by a glowing golden moon.

-Hanaya- In the Land of the Winter Moon (Hunt Edition)

Our store is number 79 in an amazing line-up of cool stores that are participating this year. The hint to help you find the hunt gift in our store is:

‘New things are ever so nice.’

So please stop by our in-world store, hunt and if you have time, check out some of the new Christmassy and winter items on display in the New Releases area 😉 You will be glad you did ^.^